Thursday, 14 May 2009

Two down, but more have to go

So big cuddly Elliot Morley forgot that he paid off his mortgage but accidentally continued to claim the mortgage interest payments. Graciously, he has apologized for this misunderstanding.

Gordon Brown wasn't in a forgiving mood. He decided that Mr. Morley is no longer worthy of membership to the parliamentary Labour Party.

New Labour is now on a very slippery slope. If it was right to suspend Mr. Morley, then why shouldn't Hazel Blears go. After all, she seems to have played a very loose game with her capital gains on her first (or was it her second) home. If Blears goes, then why not Hoon? And so it goes on.

The problem is no easier for Mr. Cameron. Andrew MacKay has already taken the long walk. There are plenty of other expense-fiddling Tories that should also lose the party whip.

So far, it is Labour 1, Conservatives 1. What will be the final score? My money is on Labour, it looks like they have more offenders in their ranks than the Tories.


Roy said...

Only two???

It is a piss-poor start.

Mitch said...

What is it with MPs and mortgages? some fill in the forms wrong,some forget they have paid them off,some don't know that their husband paid it off with his bribe money and some married MPs claim for the same strange then that these same people try to run an economy worth trillions.

lets just face facts...they are thieves and should be prosecuted.

dearieme said...

Lord Mortgagefraud must be smiling, eh?

Irishmaninboston said...

Morley and Blears committed fraud.

When will they be charged with a crime?

ed thomas said...

Mackay has a better case than Morley or Blears. Both Mackays are MPs, therefore both may use a property for constituency business with taxpayer's assistance. Although we don't believe that that can apply to both residences (London and constituency) there could be a case that it does. This is the problem with profli-gate: mortal sinners are lumped together with venial sinners and thus protected from justice. Some MPs are crims, others naifs, others lazy, self-indulgent and assuming. None of them pretty, but not all the same either. The DT has launched a smokescreen and a distraction imho for its insider allies.

Anonymous said...

Hazel Blears, isn't she out of control?