Monday, 18 May 2009

Stop this witchhunt now

I can't take anymore of this....

The cynicism displayed today in the House of Commons was breathtaking. MPs, whose expense claims are a national embarrassment, are attempting to deflect criticism by organising a constitutionally unprecedented removal of the speaker.

Mr Martin may have its faults, but to try and pin on him this calamitous loss of public confidence in parliament is a disgrace. The duplicity exhibited today is breathtaking. Legions of MPs have been trapped milking the taxpayer out of tens of thousands of pounds. Rather than take any personal responsibility for their disgraceful behaviour, they conjure up a constitutional crisis.

The attacks on Mr Martin are bogus. It is a cover, designed to distract attention from the expenses scandal. Indeed, it is striking how coverage of MPs misconduct has drifted into the background and been supplanted by crude attacks on the speaker.

I fear that this vicious little tactic will succeed.


Sackerson said...

Snap - I felt the same today. They think he's a fuse and when replaced, the machine will work normally again.

Mitch said...

He needs to go but after the troughers have been prosecuted I hope after the next GE no current MP gets in again.

Anonymous said...

Yes its a disgrace. I don't think the public are buying though (unlike that £730 massage chair we were forced to purchase)


Man in a Shed said...

It would be good for Parliament if Martin resigned. It would be about he only service he can still render to the country.

But there's load s of tax payer funded cash to be gained for him if he stays in office a bit longer.

He has continually demonstrated he's not the man for the job.

Frankly he's an embarrassment in his current role.

But as a Tory I have to say he's embarrassing the Labour party most. The longer he stays in post the more damage will be done to Labour. Every time he slips up people are reminded how Labour puts people who shouldn't be running a fish supper shop into high office just to for fill their class hate and spite requirements. It reminds people that Labour always put themselves before country and are unfit to govern.

Gorbals Mick is as popular in marginal constituencies as Gordon Brown is. Perhaps that's why David Cameron has held back on the criticism.

electro-kevin said...

They're muddying so much that the Thames looks more murky than it did during The Great Stink.

Are they sure that when someone said that becoming an MP would make one more 'affluent' they weren't misheard ?

Anonymous said...

Man in a Shed: "Perhaps that's why David Cameron has held back on the criticism.2

Cameron, like Brown and Clegg, want one thing out of this. That is to strengthen the hand of the PARTY.

The control of any party by a small group of people in smith square or Millbank tower if that is where they fester these days, is the aim. If they can extend that control, all the better to extend the 'elected dictatorship'.

AC: "are attempting to deflect criticism by organising a constitutionally unprecedented removal of the speaker."

1. It is not unprecedented.
2. The commons selected him, they should deselect him.

The really shameful thing about the Speakers wriggling was his claim that a debate on the future of the Speaker is a matter for the government - THE EXECUTIVE!!

Parliaments role has thus shrunk, from holding the executive to account, to being at the whim of the executive.

Absolutely Shameful1

Anonymous said...

I forgot.

3: We should be the ones who deal with the crooked MPs, at the coming elections.

AntiCitizenOne said...

> It reminds people that Labour always put themselves before country and are unfit to govern.

Don't think that sounding pleased about Labour destroying the country will win you votes.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Britain! When things start going catastrophically wrong, the great British character rolls up a copy of the Times and whacks a member of the lower orders across the head and blames them. Works every time... or maybe not. But it is SOOOOOOOOO nice to see a supposed party of the people, a party of the poor, a party of the working classes, the masses, the good, the handwringing, Guardian readers, turning to such a tactic. We have come a long way, haven't we?

Anonymous said...

Ah Britain .“Hey its Britain” of the talkshops. “Where things turn into their opposites. Yet Britain remains its class ridden old corrupt self .

Once- apon- a - thames the speaker had to be physically dragged to the speakers chair in order to protect the parliamentarians from corrupt kings .

Now the Speaker is to be dragged from the chair to protect the corrupt parliametarians?

I have read that before the London sewage system was built ,the corrupt smell used to upset the parliamentarians and sheeting was erected over the windows to stop the smell from the people entering parliament.

Now the winds seem to have reversed carrying a corruption stench in the opposite direction.
What can the people do to stop this stench originating from parliament?

A truth and reconciliation commission?
With Brownnoser or Bishop Tutu in the chair?


Barry said...

I would not spend too much time worrying about the Speaker Alice, he is about as worthy of his position as Gordon Brown is of his. They all need to go, we need a General Election so we can get on with trying to unravel the mess we are in.Its not going to be easy.

Anonymous said...

I think they should sack the bastard and he should retaliate by leaking some more dirt to the newspapers.