Sunday, 3 May 2009

So this is what a recession looks like....

At least the decline seems to have abated over the last two or so months.


Always Sceptical said...

This chart doesn't really tell us much. I would suspect that a lot of durable goods manufacture has left the US bound for China in the past decade anyway. How much of the volume is military hardware?

The base is 100 in year 2000. Is that a particularly average date? Is it a low point or a high point in orders historically?

There is a sudden abrupt drop in what looks like the last 6 months. Is that entirely the car/truck manufacturing industry perhaps?

Interesting, but not very illuminating I'm afraid.

mike said...

The US economy is in big trouble with exports having fallen by over 22% over the past 14 months and the national debt hitting 57 trillion. I believe China holds the key as to whether the next step will be hyperinflation with huge interest rates. I wonder which statistics will give an early warning by indicating a change in policy by China has taken place.