Friday, 8 May 2009

It is never enough

What is the fundamental difference between the rich and the poor?

If there is a penny lying on the floor, the rich will pick in up and put it in their pocket. For the rich, there is nothing as serious as money. The key to being rich is to aim to take everything.

Take, for example, Shaun Woodward, the richest member of the cabinet. He claimed the maximum second-home allowance on a flat that is one of at least seven homes that he owns.

As today's Times explains....

(Shaun Woodward) the Northern Ireland Secretary claimed almost £100,000 between 2004 and 2008 on the £1.35 million London flat where he stays when Parliament is sitting. Mr Woodward, whose wife is a member of the Sainsbury grocery family, is worth an estimated £15 million.

The couple own a house in Oxfordshire, a constituency home in St Helens, land in the West Indies and holiday homes in New York and France, which they let, it is reported. A spokesman said: “Mr Woodward’s allowance claims are published every year and they are within the rules.”

It is never enough, is it Shaun. Did you really need to dip into the pockets of the Taxpayer? Even if you were entitled to it, would it not have been more honourable to forgo the expense claim? Think how much more highly the British people would have thought of you, if it became known that you did not claim for a second home.

A billionaire was once asked why he was so successful. He answered, "because I have infinite greed". I wonder if this sentiment chimes with Mr. Woodward.


Anonymous said...

greedy bastard

Anonymous said...

"Dip into the pockets of the taxpayer"? He IS the tax payer! How exactly is he greedy? By taking advantage of tax writeoffs instead of willingly forking over extra money to the state, just because he can afford to? One day you peasants will learn that rich people are not your personal piggy banks.

Zed said...

He's not a taxpayer, he is the enemy.

Anonymous said...

Anon, he isn't avoiding tax - although he is part of a goverment that wants to harrass people who do - he is taking money for "expenses" for housing.

dearieme said...

He is an odious turd, but on the other hand he doesn't draw his full salary. I suppose that a cynic might argue that that means that he's happy to grandstand as frugal while lining his pockets covertly.