Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Imagine furnishings

Go on, tell me what you think. But please, no nasty sexist stuff about Anthea.


dearieme said...

I find her voice annoying. Who is she?

Karswell said...

Blimey, is this for real? If there really is a "state-of-the-art" warehouse somewhere, packed with this over-priced tat, I hope they have an understanding bank 'cause I can't really see buy-to-let investors queuing round the block for the services of a designer. Not in this climate.

Mind you, I didn't believe it when I was told that people were buying buy-to-let properties without even viewing them. Even so, how difficult is it to choose your own furniture?

Nick Drew said...

"second to nonn"

yup, she's from the Black Country all right

Rick said...

I guess this is an old video right?

There was one word that she forgot to use - 'sucker'!

electro-kevin said...

Half decent looking (though not my type) very determined... and utterly UTTERLY shameless.

That's about all she has going for her. But in Blair/Brown Britain that's all one needs.

Mitch said...

As soon as she uttered the phrase "furnishing solution" I had to turn it off this management speak is idiotic and off putting.

Anonymous said...

Look, this is all rubbish! As a landlord, you get a 10% furnishings tax allowance, irrespective of what you buy. So buy cheap but strong and repair what you can (tax allowance on repairs but not new purchase).

Don't spend a lot on mattresses as they are usually disgusting at the end of a tenancy (even if a mattress protector is provided, it won't be used).

Expect to have the place comprehensively trashed every 6.5 years (no, that's not scientifically verifiable but not far off).

I'm no longer involved, thank god!

A David

London Estate Agent said...

Imagine that; a BTL furnishing company goes bust.

I always thought this company was a daft idea.

AC said...