Sunday, 3 May 2009

Hazel sees the light

"All too often we announce new strategies, five-year plans, or launch new documents, often with colossal price tags attached, which are received by the public with incredulity at best and at worst hostility. Whatever the problems of the recession, the answer is not more government documents or big speeches."

Hazel Blears, New Labour Cabinet minister

I have knocked Hazel recently, but I can't fault her here. She seems to realize that there is something terribly wrong at the centre of Brown's government.

Go on Hazel, have a go. Run against him in the autumn.


Anonymous said...

Probably just a sacrificial lamb to test public opinion.

She doesn't have much to say, just the standard generic boiler plate political waffle with no substance.

John McClane said...

All mouth and no trousers, or whatever the female equivalent is.

Anonymous said...

Noam Chomsky should be required reading for the whole of the UK ;-)

Rick said...

I think they must have replaced the old Hazel Blears with a Hazelbot capable of thinking reasonably !