Friday, 8 May 2009

Hazel Blears is innocent

At least that is what she thinks....


Anonymous said...

The really shocking thing is that they were all at it. Every last one of them was fiddling.

Anonymous said...

You see, Tony was right.
"Things did only get better", if you were an obedient paid up member of the Party.

Denning was right too, about 'democracy' in a party system.

electro-kevin said...

Tories to be revealed soon. The tactic by all politicians will include:

a) Shoot the messenger (the police have already been called in)
b) Claim that all was within guidelines and in any case, all parties are as bad as each other - neutralising any taint
c) Claim that is was ever thus and that politics has always been the same
d) Call time and draw a line under it all - move on

Doubtless new guidelines will be brought in but I doubt very much we'll see one politician swing for this.

Mitch said...

Ok then we riot!

Anonymous said...

Electro Kevin: "Tories to be revealed soon."

As far as I am concerned and owning to being one of those people who voted for Thatcher in '79 after a brief flirtation with the Liberals, both equally sterile activities when the Liberals were (and have not stopped being) useless and voting Tory in a South Wales constituency that returned Neil Kinnock and would have returned Neil Kinnock even should he have been certified insane. Which he should have been, I agree the Tories to be revealed soon.
There is Eric Pickles, Francis Maude, Caroline Speilman, to name but three better known theives.

Now we know why Parliament is a fortress and the government passed the Civil contingencies act.

Self preservation for the political class.

Anonymous said...
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