Monday, 18 May 2009

The economics of crack cocaine


Anonymous said...

excellent. A freakonomics vid.

Anonymous said...

Very amusing and great exposition on the structure of New Labour and the great ponzi scheme that it is. Think about it: all the people (including Brown, Blair etc.), are 80s people. They established themselves in the 1980s. And then they hung on and rejigged the economy, and wealth, and money to flow to them and their friends (just like the crack-dealing 'Board of Directors'). They then said that they had ended 'boom and bust' (a lie but it worked), they told a generation of young people that all they had to do was work (to their terms) and they would equally become wealthy. But in fact, by moving the goal posts via house price inflation, the debt culture and escalating their own salaries (and as MPs know, benefits), they always stayed one step ahead of the dupes from the 90s and noughties. Brown is the king crack dealer man. Yo, motherfucker Brown, yo my man man!