Sunday, 10 May 2009

Comment of the Week

From Boy on a Bike, commenting on the MP expenses scandal and their lame excuses..

"It's a bit rich to criticise a poor system when you're in charge of it.

If the system allows poor behaviour, it does not mean that you should conduct yourself badly. Those with morals could still conduct themselves without reproach whilst those around them were drowning in the trough of expenses.

It's like finding a wallet full of cash in a park. Do you pocket the cash or hand it in? By the sounds of things, most of the Cabinet would trouser the cash and then criticise the Police for failing to find it."


electro-kevin said...

Great comment.

'Innocent' MPs are culpable too. They colluded by looking the other way and by refusing to insist on resignations.

Why are the likes of Jacquie Smith still in office ? For that matter Dianne Abbot for her outright hypocrisy in sending her boy to private school ?

formertory said...

Interesting listening to the Toady prog this morning; even Nick Robinson was joining in. Asked for a comment he said (and I quote as best I can remember it): "as someone involved in the world of politics I've always associated the House with 'Honorable Members'. It's become clear that they're not."

Wow. When the Provisional Wing of the Labour Party which broadcasts Toady starts criticising, or permitting criticism, the Government's in big trouble.