Saturday, 30 May 2009

Car industry comes back for more

The unions are not happy with New Labour. Apparently, it isn't piling in with the German government to save jobs as GM goes down the pan. From Reuters:

LONDON, May 30 - Union leaders on Saturday urged the government to do more to safeguard British jobs after Germany announced a deal to save the European arm of stricken US car giant, General Motors.

When an industry tells the government that it needs to "do more", it means it wants to dip into the taxpayer's pocket and pull out some cash.

The answer to this kind of pressure should be NO. I fear it will be yes.


electro-kevin said...

I'd rather see taxpayers' hard earned readies going to save real production skills (rare nowadays) than wide boys in banks.

You want to save chip shops ? I'll wager that not many high level bankers will be found queueing there of a Friday. The kebab house is more their style.

Markbaldy said...

Why should tax payers money be used to bail out car makers ?
The government is telling us to be more environmentally friendly and NOT use our cars so why pay people to produce items that will end up stored in fields for years - crazy.
Also, scrapping "old" cars IS NOT environmentally friendly - it is madness.
Producing a new car costs 3 times the energy that a car will use during it's life on the road.
Better to repair/restore cars.
Support British jobs - yes, but employ them in sustainable industries and not just go through the motions to win votes - New Labour are truly bent... Mandelson more so than most...LOL