Monday, 11 May 2009

Benefit fraud

If MPs are abusing their allowance system, then why shouldn't everyone do it?

As the saying goes "the fish rots from the head".


Anonymous said...

This is an issue which corrodes the ethics of all classes and not just "them poor over there". The middle classes become justified in fiddling their expenses and the wealthy in evading taxes.

The fish comment is new to me but oh so true. As ever you are on target.

It does also worry me that there is little sign of a credible leader with the gravitas and integrity to lead us through and out of the mess that we have gotten into.

Anonymous said...

"then why shouldn't everyone do it?"

Everyone should!

The entitlement ethos that has become engrained in the fabric of British society is acting like grit in the cylinders of an engine, as grit destroys the engine, the entitlement ethos is destroying British society.

Everyone should milk the entitlement system until it collapses under its own weight.

One thing about our theiving MPs. It is not a coincidence that much of what used to go on in Parliament is now delegated to Brussels and since they have very little to do, as the real power has been subcontracted to Brussels, they have concentrated on enriching themselves at our expense. My old teacher used to say, "The devil finds work for idle hands." just before she would clip you around the ear 'ole.

Fred said...

Haven't heard the fish proverb before, but I've witnessed it happening in business.

Benefit cheats are stealing my tax.

MP's setting the rules that allow themselves to claim for anything is more than just stealing my tax.

Even if your very kind about the subject, the government (all parties) setup their own payroll and expenses claims system. And they couldn't even get THAT right.

So what is so wrong with our system that it allows idiots to run wild?