Friday, 10 October 2008

Stock markets - its another day of deepest red

When will it end? How low can they go? Here are the latest scores.

FTSE 100
4011.16 down -302.64 (-7.02%)

4465.11 down -421.89 (-8.63%)

3167.75 down -274.95 (-7.99%)

3939.50 down 351.80 (-8.20%)

Hong Kong Hang Seng
14796.87 down 1146.37 (-7.19%)

8276.43 down 881.06 (-9.62%)


AC said...

I'm bullish, but waiting for a solid cross on the 100 day and 20 day moving averages.

Buy low, sell high !

Markbaldy said...

Stock markets may have crashed but I do not consider a 12% drop in property prices as a crash - 50% is a crash - 12% is just a bit of discount !
I expect property prices to tank when peole realise that the current financial situation is more than just a blip and we see unemployment rocket, repos go through the roof etc... and we officially enter a bad recession/depression... which we WILL.
Perhaps it will take former bankers, estate agents, car workers etc... queueing outside soup kitchens before reality sets in !!!

Anonymous said...

Look carefully at the bottom line along this graph, compare the curve around 1929 with that around 2000, and make sure you do not go into the market too early. The bottom is some way away yet:

B. in C.

Anonymous said...

The FTSE could drop to a 1000.

peterthepainter said...

traders are looking a temporary i see a lower low

dearieme said...

Hong Kong Hang Seng 14796.87
Nikkei 8276.43

I can remember someone writing nearly 20 years ago that the world would be doomed if the Hang Seng overtook the Nikkei.

Nick von Mises said...

12% is old news, which is all Halifax and Nationwide can report. I imagine the "street price" of a house today is far lower.

mike said...

That's a good graph B. in C. Might help explain the 21% FTSE fall we have seen this week.

The risk however is that the shares keep falling and then we start to see banks collapsing. Then countries may become insolvent and without even being able to compensate people who lost money. So even if you think you are safe and intelligent enough to guess the markets you have actually lost everything through insolvency.

Ultimately assets will count. So buying a bar of gold or buying property/land is a good idea if you believe that your country will become insolvent (like in Iceland).