Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Manufacturing slowdown continues

Has the recession finally arrived? This is not a question anybody asks in the UK manufacturing sector. Production is down for the fifth straight month. Year-on-year, it is down 1.4 percent.

It is funny how the world works. Banks stop borrowing to each other, the housing bubble bursts, but it is UK manufacturing that really takes the hit. Well, there is nothing like paying for someone else's mistakes.


Anonymous said...

I see Renter Girl's landlord is going bankrupt.

... All these high-fallutin’ improvements are much too late for me. My landlord is going bankrupt, and so I must leave. Somehow, he’s accumulated twelve buy-to-let mortgages, you see, and nine are in negative equity.
Good job I packed, really.

Anonymous said...

I hope our now inglorious government will be putting some money the way of getting some new industries to the final prototype stage (when banks are willing to lend money: e.g. www.naro.co.uk) rather than wasting our money propping up doomed property prices, builders and banks, who have failed to support industrial innovation - preffering the easy option (!) of property speculation.

B. in C.