Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Credit card write offs rise again

In the third quarter of this year, UK banks wrote off ₤875 million worth of credit card debt. During the last five and a half years, about ₤13 billion had to be written off.

Household debt distress has been around for quite a while, yet the Banks kept on lending. The profits from those who paid their credit card debts outweighted the losses from those who didn't.


vodka drinker said...

No bigger; so long as the banks are giving more credit than they are writing off, I don't see a problem. This can go on forever.

josh said...

credit card madness

tina said...

The banks only have themselves to blame for their unrelenting pursuit to pull everyone into the blackhole of credit card debt. Now that the credit crunch is here, they are closing their doors to people they once embraced with open arms. The question is - Have they learnt their lesson?"..I very much doubt it. Once this storm is over they will be back to their usual tricks of trying to lure people who can't afford credit cards back into the trap.

Mel said...

If you think that there is no way you can pay off your credit card debt, hold on!You can pay off a total ammount of debt or just a part of it, anyway you are getting a good deal! As soon as your debt is paid off, you may want to put your credit card in some safe place and not use it for a while, because if you are not responsible enough, you will get a new debt and will still have to pay off your loan!Good Luck!

Equity Bad Credit Loans said...

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Equity Bad Credit Loans said...

What Is Loan Modification And How It Can Help Homeowners

We’re all experiencing hard times. The economy went down the drain and most of us can’t afford to pay our bills nor our homes. Credit card companies tightening up their regulations and so mortgage companies, so we can’t fix an adjustable interest rate to get a more affordable mortgage payment. Also some of us are loosing their jobs on top of it, so how we can change it?

First of all I personally think that we can change it by being strong and patient. Of course being patient and strong will not put money in your pockets, but it will definitely keep your health and your hope in order.
You have to understand that probably 90% of the population in America and the whole world is experiencing the same problems as you do.

So what is mortgage modification and loss mitigation?

While you’re struggling to make your mortgage payments due to economic changes, the banks and the government developed programs that can help you. The government has many reasons to help homeowners, some of the reasons are:

6. Try to stabilize the economy so it will not crush completely.
7. Banks approved so many bad home loans.
8. Greed in Wall Street, as well as bank ceo’s and owners.
9. Government couldn’t oversee financial crash
10. Innocent and not innocent homeowners that took loans they couldn’t afford from the beginning.

Ok now back to the loan modification process, what is mortgage modification and loss mitigation?
mortgage modification and loss mitigation help is a adjustment of an existing mortgage a homeowner have, it can be with a government loan or a bank loan. Let’s say you had a 6% interest rate on your mortgage that was matured and now the interest rate have changed to 7%. Now it’s harder for you to make the payment due to increase in the payments and the fact that your job don’t pay you the same as before. This is a perfect example of an average homeowner in America today. So what do you do?

There are two different ways you can go with. You can do it your self or higher a professional mortgage modification broker to do it for you. Let’s assume for a second you do this your self, what are the steps to do it your self?

6. You contact your bank
7. You will ask for the loss mitigation or collection department.
8. Give them a brief of your financial background today- expenses and income.
9. Write a hardship letter. You basically tell them in the letter why you can’t make the payments.
10. They would want to see also some bank statements or pay stubs.

After talking to you on the phone they will process everything you’ve submitted to them. They want to make sure that this time if they will lower your interest rate and make some adjustments for you, if you could make the payments in order without defaulting on the loan. This process is almost as qualifying for any loan, so you need to know how to qualify your self with no mistakes. I would definitely recommend hiring a professional to do this for you, since they know the market and how to make things happen to you in a legitimate way of course.

The process of a loan modification approximately can take up to 3 months, but it’s definitely worth it. You can get a much better interest rate on your mortgage and some banks can also reduce your principle. That’s right, you can also lower what you owe on your property, but you will need a very good reason to do that.

There are some mortgage companies and law firms that help homeowners and real estate investors with loan modification. I think that you definitely need to contact a professional do this for you. Be careful from scam artists, because for this service you normally need to pay up front and there are many people out there that will take your money and will not deliver what they’ve promised.

Good Luck.

Equity Bad Credit Loans said...

What Is Hard Moneyand How Will It Benefit You?

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Hard Money loansare often used for construction projects. Typically, the lender loans the money in stages. For example, let's say you own a plot of land and you want to develop it. A lender will agree to back you on the project. They will loan you a percentage of the money at the beginning of the project,more during the middle of the project and a final installment near the completion of the job.

Lenders often pay the contractor for their work directly. For instance, once your contractor completes the foundation of the new building, the lender pays them a specific amount directly. Then, when the electricians finish wiring the building, the lender pays them directly as well. All contractors receive their payments direct from the Hard Money lenders.

Private investors often prefer this approach because it gives them greater control over their money and their investments. You don't have to be a big real estate mogul to get Hard Money from investors. Many investors are willing to support many different types of projects. Private investors will financially back projects like single family residences, condos, townhouses, apartment buildings, hotels, motels, office buildings and shopping centers. However, they will not usually invest in undeveloped land.

While Hard Money lendersare willing to loan to residential investors, they most frequently invest in commercial real estate. This is due to today's instability in the housing market. Commercial investments are simply a safer bet for recouping funds an investor puts into a project. Because of skyrocketing foreclosure rates in the modern housing market and property values dropping at record rates, there is considerably less risk involved for the investor in commercial projects.

Commercial real estate is a very competitive market, but Hard Moneyinvestors are willing to buy properties, remodel existing structures and even build new properties. The commercial real estate market is still alive and well. In fact, today's commercial market is very similar to the residential market that profited so many people just a few years ago.

Hard money lenders are still in the game. In fact, they are busier than ever because banks are making the lending process more exclusive than ever due to a record number of people defaulting on their loans. Knowing how the private lending process operates is half the battle when it comes to finding private investors for your commercial real estate project. With a little research and networking, you will find the perfect backer for the commercial real estate project of your dreams. The hard money for the project is out there; all you have to do is find it.

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