Saturday, 20 September 2008

Bonus time is just four months away

Christmas is just four months away. Along with Santa, dried out turkey, and crap TV, it is bonus time in financial markets.

Here is an interesting question; do you think the banks are going to pay out any bonuses this year? It would be hard to justify any payouts, given the appalling performance of the share prices of financial institutions.

I reckon that despite everything that has happened in the last year, we are going to see the same obscene greed raging in the city of London that we see every year.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Along with Santa, dried out turkey, and crap TV

What's wrong with that? I love Xmas! Chocolate, alcohol, a week off work, fairy lights and candles and a tree, Greatest Xmas Hits CD on permanent loop for a month, watching the kids' faces light up (cont p94).

Gloating over the latest reports that house prices are down 20% on the year is just icing on the cake!!

Anonymous said...

"Bonus time"

The only bonus this year will be in the form of redundancy cheques.

Anonymous said...

There will definately be bonuses - hell, I had mine ring-fenced. At 41% of salary.