Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Alice's bubble wrap

British Government Takes Steps To Revive Housing Market

The WSJ reacts to Darling's rescue plan.

UK heading for recession this year.

It looks like we are going alone.

UK average 2-yr mortgage rate back at pre-crunch levels

So why is the government giving free loans to first time buyers?

International developer ignores oversupply in Bulgaria and announces major new residential project

Such bravery!

Lehman Brothers and a Brief History of ‘Bad Banks’

Misbehaving students are sent to detention. Unpleasant mortgage assets get shuffled off into “bad banks.”

When did they find out about the credit crunch?

Some FT headlines from last summer.

Edinburgh House Prices Fall for First Time in at Least 37 Years

The last holdout finally crumbles. The housing crash reaches Scotland.

Korea: On Verge of a Currency Crisis?

A possible re-run of the 1997 East Asia crisis. The Won is on the slide.


dearieme said...

Hurray. Maybe we'll be able to afford to move back to Edinburgh after all. It's a wonderful city to live in.

Markbalsy said...

Fed up with this truly cr4p government using MY money to bail out losers, banks that fail because of their poor business sense, people that live in houses they can't afford, interest payments on the UK deficit, illegal wars we can never win, providing homes and money for immigrants who just breed and claim even more... and what do I get in return... an NHS where dental treatment is done in tents by foreigners... this is no longer Great Britain but a third-world state known as the UK - thanks Gordon... moron !

Anonymous said...

Edinburgh: in the last property bust one newspaper ran the headline "Edinburgh: A City that Frowns on Boom and Bust." It looks like it's frowning now, which certainly marks this bust as worse than '89-'95.

The excessive spending on the Scottish Assembly and the transformation of Edinburgh into a financial centre priced too many good folk out of a house in the city, with professionals travelling in from their first houses across the Forth in Dunfermline and other more distant places.

Let's hope disaster has so stuck the money-manipulators that ordinary folk can get to start in the city again.

B. in C.