Sunday, 3 August 2008

Who are the big mortgage lenders?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall;
who is the biggest of them all?

The UK mortgage industry is huge. Last year, UK financial institutions held about £1.2 trillion of mortgage loans. In 2007 alone, banks and building societies pumped out a further £364 billion in gross mortgage lending.

So which banks are behind this huge growth in housing credit? HBOS tops the list, taking about 20 percent in both amounts outstanding and gross lending.

It is no surprise to see a few troubled banks high on the list; Northern Rock is close to the top; the B&B are there, along with the A&L.


Seema said...

the list of shame

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these, Alice. My guess would be that the gross lending figures for 1997 would be about one third of these! It would be a telling comparison.

B. in C.

Anonymous said...

To answer my own query...

It look as if back in 1997 gross mortgage lending in the UK was only around £80 billion. Take off a quarter of the current figure for inflation, and it looks as if in real terms lending in 2007 was about three times what it was ten years earlier.

It seems only the availability of credit determines the cost/value of a house, which is a bad, bad thing.

The growth is horrible - chart three in this goes up to 2005:

B. in C.

Anonymous said...

...and chart 29 in this gives a full amount of the lunatic upward gradient:

Overall, the charts in this (focused on the sub-prime crisis) are spectacular!!!!

B. in C.