Sunday, 24 August 2008

A short history of UK house prices

Here is my first attempt at putting together a youtube video.

Regular readers will have seen the charts before, and the ideas have been repeated many times before. So please forgive the lack of originality. Some of the transtitions are a little jerky and I am still wrestling with the technology. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy it.


Anonymous said...


speedtheplow said...

We need to get this gorgeous work of art out to every punter in the land. Let's get this crash started!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff, I've sent it to all my friends.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alice,

Good work!!!



Very good - though I don't like the vocals - and if you incude the right tag-phrases on You Tube I should think your readership will zoom. Will now put on my blog for a while. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Since it was only a five minute video I guess if has to be fairly superficial. But one can't help taking away the impression that we should all invite Harold Wilson back as prime minister.

Unlike you, I can remember him. He was a dire prime minister with soviet sympathies , perhaps he did not ignite a consumer boom but only for lack of imagination, but he did try the usual command economy stimulus, look up his 'white heat of technology' speach.

Granted, Wilson was only exceeded in terms of incompetence and treachery by Edward Heath.

Ultimately, all these jokers are manipulating a system of fractional reserve banking which no populist democrat can possibly resist.

At the end of the day, if you give the levers of power to a bunch of monkeys, expect bananas.

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cws said...

So, let me summarize

Heath=very bad
Thatcher=very bad
Major=no mention
Blair/Brown=the worst

Anonymous said...

Alice, this would be very good if it was 60 or 90 seconds shorter. Just cut out one of the verses and you're sorted.

Anonymous said...

Love your site. Nice UToob video to!
My constructive criticism; trying to read the captions in your video while the vocalist in the song shouts more words at you over the top. Makes it a little hard to concentrate. Perhaps my brain can't multitask very well...

Keep up the good work.

45govt said...

First class!

Anon @ 10.19 -

"Granted, Wilson was only exceeded in terms of incompetence and treachery by Edward Heath."

You said it. And he only exceeded in incompetence and treachery by the monocular mucus-mucher.

Anonymous said...

Great video, great blog. But don't be a bitter renter; renting is the way to go for the next few years. dietcolaaddict

QG said...

Like some of the others, I think it's a great video but the choice of music is a bit iffy (no accounting for taste is there?)

Perhaps it would have been better to make it clear that the graphs are inflation adjusted at the start rather than the end - I could imagine some people saying that's not right and turning off before inflation adjustment is mentioned.

David said...

Nice work. I agree that it's a shade too long (and I spotted a typo "worst than that") but it's really good education. Do more.

Alice Cook said...

Thanks for all the constructive comments. So Catatonia wasn't the right track! I thought the Mulder and Scully thing would go down well.

The thing that surprised me was the time it took to upload the file to youtube. I noticed the typo, but the idea of uploading it was just too daunting.

Anyway, I learnt something. I will try to do more. I am looking at ways to make some of the stuff on the blog more visually appealing. All suggestions would be most welcome.

Again, thanks for all the kind words and constructive suggestions.


Rick said...

Property booms and busts are a recurring problem going back over 200 years. Banks and building societies are the real culprits, frequently expanding credit and then restricting it.

Anonymous said...

Whats the song???

zed said...

The song???

Mulder and Scully, by Catatonia. It reached number 3 in 1998.

andyrich29 said...

Brilliant Alice,
What tool did you use to compile it? Premier Pro?

electro-kevin said...

For joy !

A brilliant job. Well done !

Surely you can't be a 'bitter renter' now, Alice ?

A 'smug renter' more like. I'm convinced that your time will come.

electro-kevin said...

Incidentally - could you do something on the prognosis for buy-to-let, please ?

Alice Cook said...

Buy to let? It has no future.


electro-kevin said...

How so ?

I notice that the underlying trend, from your graphs, is for houses to rise in value though following a smoother and shallower curve. I expect that prices would be pegged to earnings but for the periods when 'the banks go mad'.

So what better way of small-time investing than to buy a property at low end and have someone else pay the mortgage on it ?

I expect many BTL investors are vulnerable but not those who got in early enough.

How early is early enough ?

Mark Wadsworth said...

Thing of joy and beauty! Well done.

shtove said...

Oi loikes it ... a lot.

This is how Denninger started, with his nuclear blasts video. You'll have to keep following his example and do some finger wagging face-to-camera stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow! At last I now understand why the hell no one will give me a mortage - bloomin' politicians!