Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Manufacturing in recession (again)

Manufacturing is again slippling into a recession. The UK index has fallen for five straight months. Overall, manufacturing has fallen back to its level in 2000.

There was a time when sliding manufacturing production would have been a major news item. Not today; the sector is so small that it hardly matters that the index has fallen.


Graham Brown said...

Long time they've been telling us that contagion could be contained in the markets - so so you think this signals the beginning of the credit-crunch creep from the financial into the real world?

Anonymous said...

We did export more weapons than anyone else last year.

We have our priorities

sobers said...

What caused the massive down spike in 2002?

powerman said...

It's not possible to totally decouple financial markets from other industries in the way so many pundits claim. The financial services sector is the sector that supplies credit and investment to all other sectors.