Sunday, 10 August 2008

The fastest crash

House prices in Northern Ireland are falling at a frightening rate. Since last summer, prices in the province have fallen 21 percent. Well, prices did go up at a frightening rate. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the downswing is equally violent.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Cool. They're leading by example. I can't wait until we're hitting y-o-y falls of 21% in the mainland.

Anonymous said...

...that will be in January.

B. in C.

Anonymous said...

Dear B. in C.

God(Who does not exist) bless you for your comments!!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! But God was the original socialist! B. in C.

dearieme said...

What, in that he believed in monopoly and violence?

Anonymous said...

No, in that He wandered the earth as a healer, sharing all he had with his disciples, and told a rich man to give up all he had and give to the poor; the movement he founded shared its property. B. in C.

hatfield girl said...

What has sharing got to do with socialism? Redistribution from on high to engineer permanent power holding, yes; sharing no.

Healing, no; NHS as an extended economic control structure for socialist planning implementation, certainly. Rich giving up to the poor, no; the Gini shows far greater division between rich and poor, and growing rapidly, over the last socialist 11 years than the previous decades.

Is all this God-given?

Anonymous said...

From each according to her/his ability, to each according to her/his need: sounds like sharing to me.

'If a person will not work, let him not eat' - a line in the communist manifesto from the New Testament.

I don't ascribe to socialism - and I don't think we've had a socialist government for the last eleven years either!

B. in C.

Anonymous said...

The difference between "philanthropy" and "socialism" is "compulsion".

Even the quote in the bible is not socialism - socialism would be "If a man will not work - give him a Mobility car."