Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Alice's bubble wrap

Capital spectator takes on the inflation question

"Even in a world where credit crunches and debt reduction looks likely, one has to expect an especially dire scenario to think that inflation will all but evaporate in the years ahead. Yes, anything's possible, but not everything's probable."

Deutsche Bank Is Doubling Down In Vegas..

immobilienblasen on problem loans in Germany's finest bank.

Fannie, Freddie $223 Billion Debt Rollover Problem

It looks like the debt rollover problem from hell: "Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's success in repaying $223 billion of bonds due by the end of the quarter may determine whether they can avoid a federal bailout."

Freddie, Fannie Nail-Biting Continues

Naked capitalism looks at the same dreadful issue.

A Bottom in Housing? You've Got to Be Kidding!

People have been calling the bottom on the US housing market ever since prices began to slide.

MBA: Purchase Index Moving Lower

Seems like there are fewer mortgage application in the US than ever.

Gloom among manufacturers grows

"British manufacturers are more downbeat about their prospects than at any time since late 2001, according to the latest CBI monthly survey of manufacturing trends. Firms’ assessment of the total order book has fallen back although the assessment of export orders is less glum, suggesting manufacturers may be benefiting from the weaker pound."

Basically, the same message as the one from the BoE's agent survey.

Revenue withdraws house sale data

"The government's official statistics on property sales in the UK have been withdrawn from publication because they appear to be wrong."

I am not very happy about this news, since I have posted these numbers on several occasions.

Nationwide seeks Irish business

This story did not get the attention it deserved.

"One advantage of the move for the Nationwide is that it would give it a business in the eurozone."

Lets pick and choose our central bank.


London estate agent said...

So we haven't heard the last of Freddie and Fannie.

Anonymous said...

All statistics are erroneous - it's their nature. The fact that they're high one month and low another would seem to indicate there isn't a systemic problem.

OTOH, lies are to damned lies as statistics are to Government statistics. Are they "wrong" because they're not singing from the right song-sheet?