Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Alice's big news round up.

I am trying to think of a name for this kind of daily post. Any suggestions?

Freddie Mac loses $800 million

It is all part of the healing process.

Chavez steals a bank

I have a deep dislike of populist politicians, regardless whether they come from the left or the right. Chavez is one of the worst; I don't buy into this "friend of the poor" crap. He is back at it again, stealing someone else's property. This time, it is a friendless and unpopular Spanish bank.

It is over in Japan

The recovery is over and it is back to stagnation.

Food prices rising at over nine percent

I'll have to do a chart on food inflation. Maybe tomorrow......

Morgan Stanley closes off the home equity cash

I did a post on this a few days ago. Other banks will follow; and it is very bad news for US consumption. A sustained US slowdown is beginning to look very likely.

US car makers face bankruptcy

One of these days, I am also going to do a post on the GM balance sheet. The numbers are unbelievable; the company is bankrupt. It has cash, which is why it keeps going, but it is burning through the greenbacks very quickly.

I give it a year before something nasty happens.

Another US mortgage lender in trouble

A great post from a great blogger - Tim Iacono

Times MPC calls for a hold on rate cuts

The Alice Cook MPC (which comprises of only of Alice Cook and six empty chairs around her dinner table) says hike it 50 basis points.


amigauser said...

i support Chavez, he is using the oil wealth to provide health care, homes and a better future for the shanty town dwellers that the ruling elite never cared about before.

You should watch "The revolution will not be televised", to get an alternative view of how Chavez was nearly deposed by this self same ruling elite, with a little help from the CIA


Alice's S&M (savings & mortgage) Whip Round?

yellerKat said...

Alice Does Wonderland?

electro-kevin said...

The Daily Wail

You have my leave to use my specially designed header too if you wish.

David Worth said...

'Alice's Bubble Wrap' surely?

Nick Drew said...

Alice's Almanac

CityUnslicker said...

be careful re food prices. My short etf for agriculture has been soaring recently as prices have fallen 25% in the last couple of week.s

simon said...

"The train crash scenario was of course ready meat on the barbecue for Venezuela's detractors who immediately envisioned a wholesale bank robbery taking place ... the Internet was immediately filled with messages claiming that Chavez is every bit as much a megalomaniac as Carlos Andres Perez (CAP) and then some ... "

Alice, did you read the read the report regarding Chavez that you linked to?

British Banker said...

Can't wait for Fannie's results


Like the "Alice's Bubble Wrap", withdraw the Miss Whiplash suggestion in its favour.

P.S. "Bitter" renter? Getting rather smug instead, I'd have thought.

Anonymous said...

Dear Alice,

You are wrong with Chavez(I am sorry to say this), he is working against the greedy elite.

President Chavez speaks about his government's social and economic accomplishments on his 9th anniversary in office.

Caracas, February 4, 2008 ( -- Upon the completion of nine years in office, Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez presented what he considered to be some of the main economic achievements of his government. Among these were the lowering of inflation, of poverty, and of inequality, and the increase in school attendance and in access to drinking water, among other things.

Speaking from the Miraflores Presidential Palace, in the presence of his entire cabinet and numerous other government officials, Chavez presented a wide variety of slides with how key indicators of the country have evolved before and during his presidency.

In his opening remarks Chavez stated that nine years ago Venezuela was a "colony" that was "disguised as a democracy." "Everything was imposed from Washington," he added.

For school enrollment, Chavez showed that during the 1998/1999 school year, enrollment in primary education was at 40% of the the school age population, while in 2005/2006 it had risen to 60% of the school age population.

Secondary and professional education had also risen, from 27.3% in 98/99 to 41% in 05/06. Similarly, higher education enrollment increased from 21.8% in 1998 to 30.2% in 2006.

Infant mortality dropped significantly in this same period, from 21.4 deaths per 1,000 live births in 1998 to 13.9 deaths. According to Chavez this was thanks to a greatly expanded program of integral health plans and vaccinations.

Extreme poverty has dropped by 54%, from 20% of the population in 1998 to only 9.4% of the population in 2007, "and this must reach zero," added Chavez.

With regard to access to drinking water, the population's access increased from 80% in 1998 to 92% of the population in 2007.

Chavez concluded by saying that "We should be proud of ourselves" because Venezuela is on the path to be a country of equals, "a socialist society that seeks social justice."

For th complete slides of Chavez's presentation, click here: 9


yellerKat said...

'Alice's Bubble Wrap'

That's the one! Good one, DW!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to beat "Alice in Wonderland"..



B. in C.

Anonymous said...

"Cook's Tour"

Great blog BTW!

Anonymous said...

Bubble & Squeek, or Daily Bubble

Anonymous said...

Chavez is plundering his country's oil to buy off the (soon to be non-) voters. He is also stealing stuff in order to prop up the system of patronage that all socialist leaders require to keep their flunkies supporting them.

One more thing, mister I-support-the-poor. Squandering all that oil NOW in such an inefficient manner is guaranteeing destitution for all of the FUTURE generations of poor Venezuelans.