Monday, 18 August 2008

Alice's big bubble wrap

Bernanke Tries to Define What Institutions Fed Could Let Fail

The FSA, the BoE and the Treasury need to think about this question also.

Irish bank stocks take a hit

The past is catching up on the Irish banking system.

The housing equity pension scheme

Or should that be scam? More and more people are relying on equity release products to cover their retirement. I love the advice from those wasters at the FSA: “equity release schemes can be helpful but they are not suitable for ­everyone”.

Fraud in Real Estate, Mortgages & Homebuilders

It was a big problem in the US. I have often wondered how prevalent it was here. With house prices crashing, we are about to get an answer.

The man who caused 10 foreclosures

The story of a mortgage broker and the damage they can do.

Another failed rights issue

"British bank Bradford & Bingley said Monday that its shareholders had agreed to buy just under 28 percent of a rights issue aimed at raising 400 million pounds." At least the B&B did better than HBOS.

US banks scramble to refinance maturing debt

The FT has this extraordinary capacity for scaring the crap out of me. This story had me shaking. "Battered US financial groups will have to refinance billions of dollars in maturing debt over the coming months, a move likely to push banks’ funding costs higher and curb their profitability."


Anonymous said...

UK banks - who's next?

hatfield girl said...

Who's next? All of us.