Thursday, 28 August 2008

909 views for a short history of UK house prices

Go on, watch it one more time, help me get to 1,000 views.


Anonymous said...

For you always Alice.


Anonymous said...


Could you also post a chart that includes the depreciation of the British Pound against the Euro?

Thank you in advance.


mike said...

Great video.
The crash has been a very long time coming. I thought it would never happen.

RenterGirl said...

"...the banks went mad" does seem to be recurring theme here, doesn't it? Harold Wilson: kept Britain out of the Vietnam war - over saw some financial stability.
Another great post Alice.

anonymong said...

Facile. The 70s housing bubbles reflecting huge inflation in the economy generally. One was actually a crash, because house prices went up 20% while everything else went up 27%.

Must try harder.