Saturday, 21 June 2008

Will it make it?

I know some of you boys are upset about the football and the absence of any UK teams in the final. However, there are other distractions. Like, for example, the HBOS share price; will it remain above the rights issue price? It is getting close, and far too close for the underwriters.

Go on, admit it. HBOS is much more exciting than the England football team.


Mark Wadsworth said...

It's the thought of those investment bankers getting stuffed with underwriting an under-water issue that cheers me up!

Anonymous said...

They should be used to paying for overvalued assets by now, its what they do!

Yes the financial collapse is as exciting as the Euro championships, at least the latter isn't rigged rigged.


aSteve said...

To add insult to injury, remember the FSA saying that they had found a "smoking gun" and that everyone would be very surprised?

They now admit that there was no smoking gun and that they can take no action whatsoever. They can't find any criminal activity.

Someone should charge the FSA with market abuse for spreading false and malicious rumours... (i.e. that HBOS is sound.)

aSteve said...

It's arrived:

HBOS : 272.75 -9.50 -3.37%