Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Debt collectors needed up north

This time last year, Northern Rock wanted to be the largest mortgage lender in the UK; today, it is looking to become the biggest debt collection agency. The bank is about to increase its debt management division from about 170 people to about 440. The bank wants to “help” their customers who get into financial difficulty. Candidates with tattoos, gold teeth, and steroid-generated physiques are encouraged to apply.


Anonymous said...

so is that supposed to be a northern debt collector - sad, really sad...

Nick Drew said...

chap seems to have a wing-nut on his head

Andrea Smith said...

There are various debt consolidation programs, which gives you a lot of options. You could either select a paid service or go for the many free services available. Thanks for the article!

Anonymous said...

Now call me cruel but I respect contracts and I believe people should honour their commitments. If you borrow money you should pay it back.

If you borrow money without considering if you can pay it back you're an irresponsible untrustworthy fool.

If you borrow money you don't intend to pay back you are a scumbag and belong in a debtors prison.

If you have good faith but encounter bad luck, then you have my sympathy but don't expect to steal tax from me to make it right.

If you're not aware that any of the above considerations apply but you borrow anyway, your existence in the gene pool is probably due entirely to the welfare state. Creatures that dumb can't survive natural selection.