Monday, 26 May 2008

oh misery

Another bank holiday; another day of rain.

Those off-plan two bedroom aparments in Murcia look very appealing right now. The UK weather has always been the Spanish property developer's best friend.


The scotsman said...

Sunny up here in lovely scotland.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how is in Murcia, but in Barcelona it's raining all days. Two weeks with rain in Barcelona it's sad.

I like your blog. But I don't speak good english.


Alice Cook said...
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Alice Cook said...


I picked Murcia because I heard that there was a serious water problem there.

I am disappointed to hear that Barcelona is also suffering from the rain. That must be awful for all those debt soaked english tourists who have bought property out there. Imagine; they get the rain, falling prices, and a lifetime of debt oppression.

Thanks for the kind words.


Ed H said...


I lived in London for a few years and have to say that the rain was upsetting. but, you know, it was the unpredictability of the rain that bothered me more than anything. You'd go out blading in Hyde Park on the Serpentine under clear skies and an hour later it was raining.

Germany is much worse. I lived there two years and it flooded both years because it rained for a month straight.

Anonymous said...

rain, rain go away, come again another day...