Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Feeling hungry?

Nana Cook - the fount of all wisdom - always said, "when things are going bad, try to find one good thing to say".

With food inflation now out of control, I can see one potential benefit; we can economise on the calories. Think of higher food inflation as a national weight loss programme.


Flame said...

jajajaja!! well that's a view!!

Anonymous said...

"With food inflation now out of control .."

Don't worry, the European Union has our backs covered. Besieged all around and instructing its handmaiden (DEFRA) to bankrupt our indigenous farmers, the EU will come riding to the rescue, the CAP to its right hand.

Oh! wait a minute, the CAP is a producer cartel, that means high prices for consumers doesn't it?

The EU, the CAP and DEFRA. The diabolical trinity.

Barry said...

Alice, I read somewhere that a substantial amount of food purchased in this country ends up being thrown away. That offers some hope don't you think?
I am new to your blog, may I say I find it very entertaining and informative. Especially to someone like me who is interested but lacks the background to unravel complex financial issues.