Friday, 15 February 2008

At last, someone is keeping score

A new website - bank - is keeping a tally of the huge bank losses coming out of the worldwide housing crash. Here is a just a sample offered by this ongoing financial catastrophe......

UBS - $19.2B
Credit Suisse - $3.1B
Deutsche Bank - $3.2B
Merrill Lynch - $19.4B
Wells Fargo - $1.4B
Washington Mutual - $1.6B
JP Morgan Chase - $3.7B
Lehman Brothers - $3.4B
Citigroup - $24.1B
SunTrust - $222M
Bank of America - $7.2B
Morgan Stanley - $13.8B
Bear Stearns - $2.7B
Goldman Sachs - $2.4B
Wachovia - $3.2B
HSBC - $4.3B

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Inflation buster said...

This looks like a systemic banking crisis.