Friday, 28 December 2007

Losing faith

People have lost faith with the UK property market. According to a recent survey, three quarters of people predict house price falls in 2008, with just one in five believing the average home will rise in value. More than half of people polled by This is Money said house prices would fall by 11 percent or more next year.


John said...

Only 75 percent believe that house prices will fall? I don't know anyone who thinks otherwise.

Markbaldy said...

According to todays (29th Dec)Daily Express, "experts" are predicting more "healthy" house price rises over the next year.
How can they say rises are healthy when first time buyers and key workers just can not afford to buy ANYTHING ?
They seem to be convinced that further rate cuts are almost a done deal and house prices will rocket... once again.
I hope that this is wishful thinking on their part and the market actually crashes... either that or I am going abroad permanently !

Josh said...


I think you answered your own question. BTLers drove up the market. Now they have disappeared. This is why the market will tumble. No need to move abroad just yet.