Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Location, Location, Location

Go on, admit it; you would just love to join Kirstie and Phil and have your home featured on Channel 4's property-pumping show "Location, Location, Location".

Well, the UK housing bubble blog can show you the way, just click here and register.

Here is the sales pitch from the website:

"Channel4's top-rating property programme wants to help you in your search for the perfect home. To do this we are seeking house hunters who would appreciate expert opinion and advice from professional property hunters Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer on what and where to buy in your desired area. The show will focus on the process of your search. It will be a frank and factual account of all the negotiations.

We need to be sure that everyone we are talking to has genuine intentions to move house and are in a position to do so (i.e are sold/under offer and chain free). Please read all questions carefully and ensure your responses are detailed. We want to find out as much about you as possible - who you are and what you are looking for. What may seem trivial to you may be just what we are looking for.

We really can help people to find their dream home as the service that Kirstie and Phil provide is second to none. If you want to take part in this fantastic show, and are ready to place an offer on a new home, then begin your application now!"

You just have to admire the cynicism: "Channel 4's top-rating property programme wants to help you" and "We really can help people to find their dream home". Lets not forget that "the service that Kirstie and Phil provide is second to none".

Do you think Channel 4, Kirstie and Phil would want to help me with my rent. Why aren't there any shows about people looking for new rental properties? Why doesn't Channel 4 have a programme called "rent, rent, rent".

I think I know the answer. Property programs like this one, appeal to the base activities and instincts such as greed, speculation and misrepresenting the truth. In contrast, renters today understand this this housing market is a con and a fraud perpetrated on vulnerable and gullible people. Renters are too smart to be taken in by the likes of Kirstie and Phil with their fairy stories of easy money coming from housing speculation.


traderboy said...

For all those that love their property shows, here's a list of those currently showing on UK television - ENJOY!

A Place By the Sea
A Place in Greece
A Place in the Sun
A Place in the Sun: Home or Away
Build a New Life in the Country
Build, Buy or Restore
Changing Rooms
Did They Pay Off The Mortgage In 2 Years?
Escape to the Country
Extreme Makeover
Grand Designs
Grand Designs Abroad
Home From Home
Homes Under the Hammer
Honey I Ruined the House
Hot Property
House Auction
House Busters
House Chain: Under Offer
House Doctor
House Hunters in the Sun
House Invaders
House Price Challenge
House Race
Houses Behaving Badly
How Not to Decorate
How To Be a Property Developer
How to Rescue a House
I Want That House
I Want That House Revisited
Living in the Sun
Location Location
Making Space
Moving Day
My Place in the Sun
Nice House… Shame About the Garden
Other People's Houses
Our Home
Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2 Years
Property Dreams
Property Ladder
Put Your Money Where Your House Is
Relocation, Relocation
Restored to Glory
Room For Improvement
Selling Houses
Staying Put
Streets Ahead
Super Agents
Through the Keyhole
To Buy or Not to Buy
Trading Up
Uncharted Territory
Up Your Street
Would You Buy a House with a Stranger?

speedtheplow said...

Good old UK. The average punter is always the last to know. As late as this summer the Evening Standard front page was blaring HOUSE PRICES RISE BY £50 A DAY! I hope that Mervyn King has a heart attack. He certainly deserves one for stoking the fire so successfully.

Anonymous said...

Trader boy, you are making it up. I don't recognize half those shows.

traderboy said...

Anonymous, I took it from$297992.htm

and manually deleted out the gardening shows. although i have just noticed that it is dated Jan '06.

Whilst I don't know them all, I certainly recognise quite a lot of the names in that list.

Nationalist said...

As a renter in these last ten years of New Labour misrule I have moved seamlessly from "can't afford a house" to "can afford one but can't believe they won't crash."