Thursday, 13 December 2007

A bubble in property-related TV shows?

If TV coverage is any guide, the British are obsessed with property. Here is a list of just some of the TV shows pumping up interest in the housing bubble.

To tell the truth, most of these titles are totally unfamiliar. Obviously, I am just not watching enough TV. Feel free to pick out the most atrocious show. From my limited contact with these vile programs, I particularly detest House Auction. But hey, that is just my opinion. There could be more despicable programs out there.

Many thanks to Traderboy, who kindly compiled the list.

A Place By the Sea
A Place in Greece
A Place in the Sun
A Place in the Sun: Home or Away
Build a New Life in the Country
Build, Buy or Restore
Changing Rooms
Did They Pay Off The Mortgage In 2 Years?
Escape to the Country
Extreme Makeover
Grand Designs
Grand Designs Abroad
Home From Home
Homes Under the Hammer
Honey I Ruined the House
Hot Property
House Auction
House Busters
House Chain: Under Offer
House Doctor
House Hunters in the Sun
House Invaders
House Price Challenge
House Race
Houses Behaving Badly
How Not to Decorate
How To Be a Property Developer
How to Rescue a House
I Want That House
I Want That House Revisited
Living in the Sun
Living etc
Location Location
Making Space
Moving Day
My Place in the Sun
Nice House… Shame About the Garden
Other People's Houses
Our Home
Pay Off Your Mortgage in 2 Years
Property Dreams
Property Ladder
Put Your Money Where Your House Is
Relocation, Relocation
Restored to Glory
Room For Improvement
Selling Houses
Staying Put
Streets Ahead
Super Agents
Through the Keyhole
To Buy or Not to Buy
Trading Up
Uncharted Territory
Up Your Street
Would You Buy a House with a Stranger?


Anonymous said...

I don't mind 'How To Be a Property Developer'.

The host is a seasoned property developer and provides quite an objective view of the property market which even he thinks is going down hill.

Apart from that, most of the episodes now days seem to show complete idiots losing amazing amounts of cash in highly speculative projects.

Provides for some amusement and a good education for anyone thinking of trying to get in when the bubble is bursting.

shtove said...


BTW - I got the link to this page from Denninger's Ticker forum: