Saturday, 24 November 2007

Irish property market down almost 5 percent

The Irish property market is crashing with extraordinary speed. In fact, prices are coming down faster than anyone could have anticipated. Prices in October fell by a staggering 1.3 percent, bringing the annual decline in prices down to almost 5 percent. The monthly decline was the deepest since records began in 1996.

Originally, I had expected that house prices would first slow and then stagnate. Over a period of five or so years, the real value of housing would be eroded by inflation. Frankly speaking, I had only ever anticipated a comparatively small downward nominal price adjustment.

However, property markets in many inflated bubble markets are experiencing rapid price falls. In some cities in United States, prices are already down about 20 percent from the peak. Now we have data from Ireland recording an annualised five percent decline.

Here in the UK, the market turned with frightening speed. In the early summer, house prices were still growing, and although there were signs of weakening demand, the slowdown appeared to be a modest affair. However, within six months demand has evaporated, mortgage approvals are down by 37 percent and the market appears to be gripped by panic.

By my reckoning, the UK market is about one year to 18 months behind the US and Ireland. By this time next year, we could well see normal declines in house prices similar to those recently recorded in the US and Ireland.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Alice you are absolutely right. As a Brit expat living in the US I have experience in both worlds.

I've learned that the UK is behind the US about 18-24 months behind the US in most things. When I see new houses selling for 500 grand in my old Codhead town of Grimsby I see that the whole situation is a joke.

My friend works for a company who took the whole states employees to the Caribbean in July 2006. Since then, their shares have plummeted from 75 to below 20. They can't even afford an Xmas party this year. In other words, the crash has been occurring at a FRIGHTENING RATE.

As far as resales goes, most US homeowners are currently too stubborn to reduce their prices to sell their house. They have never experienced a house crash. Both seller and buyer are at stalemate.

Keep up the good work