Friday, 19 October 2007

Who are the big buy to let mortgage providers?

According to the council of mortgage lenders, the top ten buy-to-let mortgage providers during the first half of 2007, in terms of outstanding balances were:

1. Mortgage Express
2. Birmingham Midshires
3. Paragon Group
4. Bristol & West Group
5. Cheltenham & Gloucester
6. Northern Rock
7. Capital Home Loans
8. Mortgage Works
9. Mortgage Business
10. Barclays - Woolwich

In terms of outstanding advances, the top ten providers were:

1. Mortgage Express
2. Birmingham Midshires
3. Paragon group
4. Northern Rock
5. Cheltenham & Gloucester
6. Mortgage Works
8. Bristol & West
9. Capital Home Loans
10. Mortgage Business

It is interesting to see Northern Rock figure prominently on both lists.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this blog. Living in the U.S., I have always wondered how people in Europe, Canada, Australia, etc. have managed to live with the burden of overpriced housing and huge mortgages. I have heard that the European and other markets are "different" than the U.S. At the same time, I know average salaries are not going up fast enough to shoulder these costs. We also have rampant inflation added to the mix. If you really want to see "ground zero" of this travesty, you can read:

Patrick said...

A very useful list for those of us looking to deposit our hard-won savings in a decent savings account. There are some obvious deposit takers to avoid if one does not wish to spend significant amounts of time in a queue to redeem one's savings.

Raj said...

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