Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Premier league is the behind the bubble

I have become a little tired of blaming the foreigners for our housing bubble. I'm sick of hearing about Russian oligarchs and Polish plumbers. I have some new bubble villians for you - premier league football players. According to Country Life, professional footballers are not only avid readers, they actually go out and buy those multi-million country houses advertised in its glossy pretentiuos pages.

Furthermore, the Football Association has followed up with some research on the house buying habits of the nation's footballing folk. The FA clams that footballers spend around £85 million per year on property. Sum up that kind of money over a couple of years, and it comes to quite a chunk of change. So, premiership players are not only responsible for being really crap in international competitions, they are also behind the extraordinary house price inflation in the countryside.

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